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Social Media Management

Inspire, educate, entertain and engage with your audience

Build your brand and grow your business

Social media enables small businesses to
reach, interact with and understand their audience

By using social media for business, you can engage with customers new and old, view your competition, develop your brand voice and gain valuable insights into your target market. Better yet, social media for business is cost-effective. It allows you to interact with your clients and prospective clients in a new way. By using social media platforms, you improve your business’ reach, turning users into customers.

Engage with your target audience like never before.

When used effectively, social media will grow your small business.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Brand Building

Develop your brand voice and increase brand awareness - humanise your brand, showing your audience what you do and that you’re authentic.


Grow your business, as more people become aware of your brand, your posts can drive traffic to your website and to sales.

Gain valuable insights

Gain intelligence on your market, customers, your competitors and your brand - insights gained through social media can drive smarter decisions.

Commincate with your audience

Interact with your clients like never before - a two-way communication, making it a personalised marketing tool.

Promote your content

A great way to get your content out there, to show your audience your expertise and build trust.

Improve SEO rankings

Search engines favour a strong social media presence as it signals that you’re authentic and valuable.

Social media management packages

Bespoke content designed for your products/services, your customers, and your unique offering

– All tailored to the specific chosen social media platforms
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)


Level 1

£90 / mth*

Develop your online presence beyond your website and create brand awareness for your business

Key Features
  • 2 Platforms
  • 12 unique posts per mth per platform



Level 2

£180 / mth*

Increase your reach through social media, develop and sustain relationships and promote your business

Key Features
  • 3 Platforms
  • 24 unique posts per month per platform
  • £10 worth of Facebook Ad boost included
  • Monthly performance metrics
  • Ongoing support and advice



Level 3

£320 / mth*

Drive growth of your business through sustained promotion and engagement across social media platforms

Key Features
  • 4 Platforms
  • 36 unique posts per month per platform
  • £20 worth of Facebook Ad boost included
  • Detailed market research for more bespoke/tailored content
  • Engagement boosting by liking, commenting, and following appropriate pages, people, and posts
  • Monthly performance metrics
  • Ongoing support and advice





No minimum contract - Only 1 month's notice of cancellation required

UPGRADE for more posts, more accounts, boost reach/engagement levels and monthly performance reporting

Social Media Setup available from £50*

* all prices are subject to VAT at the current rate


why use Professional Social Media Management

Social media management ensures clear content, creativity and consistency.

To ensure success for your business’s social media, you need to understand each platform, your audience and why people use social media. Your social media activity and content needs to be consistent and engaging. You want to keep your audience coming back for more, online and offline.

Without an expert in charge of your social media, you could risk your social presence being more hinderance than helpful. A social media manager has the skill, knowledge and creativity needed to ensure that your social media is a success.


Let's discuss how you can make social media work for you.


  • Choose the right platforms for your business
  • Develop a strategy to optimise your social media promotion
  • Create quality content to get your noticed and engage
  • Professionally tailored posts opimised for each platform
  • Track, analyse and improve your reach and engagement
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