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Terms and Conditions

It is our intention to provide a flexible and common sense approach to the service we provide to our clients. In all respects we will endeavour to adopt a fair and reasonable approach. The following terms and conditions are intended to provide clarity for our clients and should be read in conjunction with the T&Cs of your signed order form. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of our terms and conditions.

Payment and Charges

Website initial fees are payable on order and monthly payments start 28 days after order (except if the delay is due to Activ).

Website annual renewal payments (clients not paying monthly)

Clients will be invoiced 28 days prior to expiry with 14 days for payment. Payment needs to be made within this time in order for administration of the renewal to be completed prior to expiry of the website.

IMPORTANT: If a renewal payment has not been received within the above timescales, the website will be set offline. The website may also be removed by the hosting provider and any email facilities provided by Activ will be removed and the domain name (if registered by Activ) may also become available for registration for another individual or business. Registrars may also charge a redemption fee to restore a domain for a client. The cost to restore or redevelop the website will be the responsibility of the client and may be as much as the original development cost.

Monthly Payments

Monthly payment plans are for a minimum contract period of 12 monthly payments (websites and SEO growth packages).  After this period is complete, clients can continue with their package on a pay monthly basis for the agreed monthly fee. One month's notice of cancellation is required.

If a monthly payment is not received, Activ reserve the right to withdraw their website or other services.

Payments must be made via the Go Cardless Direct Debit system.

Invoices will be issued each month and the payments collected automatically via Go Cardless - Go Cardless will issue notifications when payments are due to be taken.

Other Charges

Any adhoc development is charged at an hourly rate (currently £50*) with a minimum charge of £25*. Quotations for specific work can be provided.

Any additional charges will be identified to the client before work is undertaken.

Cancellation of Website

If a client cancels their website service then they will no longer have use of Activ's proprietary Content Management System to update/edit website content as this is supplied as part of the monthly service. The client or their nominated representative can copy the website code, content and design for use on their own website hosting but Activ do not provide further support for this process.


Content Provision

It is the client's responsibility to provide all content for the website in an electronic format ready for implementation on the website. Content required will have been agreed prior to the development and may include words, images, PDF documents, logos, graphics, links to videos or other websites. Content should be in a format ready for use on the website. Additional work to prepare content e.g. type or edit content, scan or edit images, download content etc. should be agreed in advance and may incur additional charges.

Any significant changes to content after it has been provided which leads to redesign or redevelopment of website pages may incur additional charges.


Our 3 page website package is limited to a home page, a products / services page and a contact page. Clients will need to upgrade to a full brochure package to add additional pages. One email address is provided.

There is no arbitrary limit on the number of pages for a full brochure website but the website package is designed to provide everything a typical small business needs and would normally be around 7 or 8 pages. If there is a specific business requirement that needs more pages e.g. multiple location or contact pages, then there may be additional charges. We will discuss the size and scope of your website prior to ordering and in the rare circumstances that additional pages are needed, we will agree the charge with you. If significant additional page requirements are identified later when the content is supplied then there is also likely to be an additional charge.

Additional pages added to the website after the site is live will normally be chargeable unless specifically agreed prior to the development e.g. testimonials for new businesses.

Online shops will be developed with all the main shop categories setup and a sample of products added to the site (up to maximum of 20 products). Other pages will be developed as per a brochure site above.

Animations, Interactive and Dynamic Effects

Our fixed price packages provide everything required for a small business to establish a persuasive professional online presence. We do not include animations, interactive and dynamic effects within these packages as standard as these tend to be specific to different client requirements and budgets.  Examples include interactive content display like tabs, collapsible headings, or scrolling content (except image sliders). Please see bespoke development below.

Bespoke Work

Functionality or features that are not included in the standard fixed price packages will be charged in addition. These will either be included at a fixed rate or at a price following quotation. The requirements for the bespoke work will be agreed in advance and any changes to the requirements at a later stage are likely to lead to increased costs. Please see some examples of bespoke work undertaken for clients.

Stock Images

Clients can provide their own images for use on the website. If Activ supply images then Activ charge for additional work to acquire images for a client and not for the purchase of the image.

Stock Images that Activ provide are licensed to Activ to use on your site as they can't be purchased in your name. So if you want to license the images to yourself then you need to purchase the images yourself on your own account. Clients can purchases images from any reputable stock image site and supply these as part of their web content.

Website Approval

Once content has been provided, an initial design of the site will be created showing the header, navigation and some page content in the style to be used for the rest of the website. The client will be given the opportunity to approve the general design and amendments will be made, if necessary, for further approval prior to the development of the rest of the site using the approved design.

When all pages have been developed using the content provided, the client will have the opportunity to review again. Significant changes to the design at this stage may incur additional charges. Minor changes to content will be accommodated but any significant changes to content leading to redesign or redevelopment of website pages may incur additional charges.

The client is responsible for the accuracy of all information on the website and the functioning of the website to their requirements including links, contact forms, email etc.  They should check prior to the site going live and once live. Activ will correct any errors or functional issues.

Small changes and additions to the site once the site is live will be provided as part of the support and maintenance service described below.

Content Management

Our full brochure sites and ecommerce sites include a content management feature to edit and add content. In addition, eCommerce sites provide the ability to manage the online shop. Clients also benefit from the maintenance service as described below.

There is no content management for the 3 page start up website package and clients will need to upgrade to benefit from other content management features.

Support and Maintenance Service

Advice on the use of your website, its future development and general online marketing will be provided by phone or email. Minor changes to your website will be provided including changes to images, minor amendments to existing content such as prices or services listed, or adding a testimonial. This is not an exhaustive list and typically any changes that can be done in 5 to 10 mins should be accommodated. Redesign, development of new pages or added functionality is not included in support and maintenance. Onsite visits, support or training is not included in this service.

Any regular or scheduled content updates are not included unless agreed when the website order was completed.  This includes adding news or blog articles - the content management provides an easy to use function for this and Activ will provide support where necessary.

Online shop packages include up to 2 hours on site training for the client after launch of the website to enable the client to edit and update their shop items and run their online shop. Further onsite training for the client or other client representatives will be chargeable at the current rate of £50* per hour.

If Activ host a client's emails then support is provided in the use of the browser access to emails and issues relating to the provision of the email service. We will provide information on the settings required by other email programs and devices such as phones but we do not provide additional support for these services and clients may need to need to refer to an IT specialist if they require further support for issues relating to these.

Enhanced support or maintenance packages can be agreed in advance or provided on an ad hoc basis. Additional development work is charged at £50* an hour or by quotation for bespoke functionality.


Search Engine Optimisation

Depending on the objectives for the client's website, the website will be developed based on the main search engine marketing terms agreed with the client. No guarantees can be provided in relation to potential search engine rankings due to the impact of competition or potential future changes to Google and other search engine indexing methods.

Further onsite optimisation for keywords and locations can be undertaken at an additional charge. Offsite search engine optimisation and online marketing services are also available - see our Search Engine Optimisation Services for details.


Content Creation Programme

  • Client input (if required) must be provided at agreed times or work will progress to next stage and content item may be excluded from that month's work if not possible to complete
  • If a particular content item does not meet the client needs it will be replaced with another item without additional charge
  • Work to update the website is only included for Activ website client
  • Some image based content has license restrictions and you should check before re-use
  • Activ reserve the right to terminate the service at 1 month's notice to client


* all prices quoted in the T&Cs are subject to VAT at current rate - prices are subject to change and should be checked prior to requesting work.

NOTE: These terms and conditions relate to the services provided by Mark Rouvray, Activ Web Design for Kingston and Wimbledon and should be read in conjunction with the terms on the Activ order form. The term Activ is used for the business of Mark Rouvray, Activ Web Design (Kingston).

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