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enhanced Marketing Options

Functionality Modules: Membership | Events Calendar | Email Marketing | Video Gallery | Content Management

Additional Capability: Image Sliders | Animation Videos | News & Social Media FeedsMobile Solutions | Enterprise Email

Add Marketing Modules to enhance website capability

ALL marketing modules are now available without setup costs as an added option
on pay monthly packages.

*All prices are subject to VAT at current rate from 1st April 2017

Membership Login

Membership Module

£200 Setup Cost

  • Restricted access to members only pages
  • Provide additional benefits to clients or premium content
  • Keep information private club members only
  • Membership application online and approved by site owner.

If you need to provide special access to your website for certain approved users, then a membership module allows you to manage this. You will be able to specify certain pages of the site to be private and only available to members once they have logged onto the site. Users can apply for membership on the website and be approved by you through your website control panel. It’s a great way to provide additional benefits on the site to members or provide a secure part of the site for other employees or affiliates. It could also provide access to additional content paid for by your clients.

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

£150 Setup Cost

  • Provide a calendar view of your events to promte what's happening
  • Colour code the calendar by event types
  • Multi day and repeating events facility
  • Full detailed description with images and links.

Provide information on all your events though a calendar format styled to match your website and make it easy for customers to see what’s happening when. Use different categories to colour  code events to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Information for the event is shown in a popup box with title, date, time, location and detail of the event. The detailed description can contain fully formatted marketing information with images and links.  Functionality for multiple day events and repeating events. Information is easily maintained by you through the control panel of your website.

Examples: Kingston UNISON, Kingston Riverside Club

Email Marketing

£250 Setup - no monthly charges*

  • Capture website visitor contact details
  • Convert leads into business with follow up communications
  • Drive repeat business from existing clients
  • Target emails at specific groups of subscribers
  • Fully compliant with email marketing guidelines

Converting leads into customers and gaining repeat purchase and additional income from your current customers, requires ongoing communication. Our email marketing module allows you to invite visitors to your site to subscribe to newsletters, promotional information and other updates – encouraging new customers and getting repeat business from existing customers. You can send out bulk emails to all subscribers in a rich text and image format without the restriction of normal email packages and target specific groups of subscribers. Your email header will match your existing website header for a consistent brand look. The email system provides unsubscribe options so your recipients can manage their subscription and ensure you are compliant with email marketing best practice.

* Subject to maximum 5,000 emails per month

Advanced Email Marketing Solution (from £15 a month)

Features include:

  • Flexible and Customisable Email Templates to suit any business
  • Dynamic Content to personalise emails
  • Segmentation for improved targeting
  • Autoresponders / Email Triggers for automation
  • Social Media and Sharing to increase exposure
  • Tracking Results to convert more leads

Support direct from Activ (Kingston) on use of the system and how to get the best from your email marketing.

Video Gallery

Video Gallery

£150 Development Cost

  • Video player to showcase multiple videos
  • Great for product\service demos, testimonials and introductions
  • Works with YouTube and Vimeo content
  • Displays titles and descriptions
  • Multiple uses across the site

Example: Kingston Aviation 

Content Management System

Full Content Management System (INCLUDED in Pay Monthly Packages*)

£100 Setup and £100 extra on annual renewal

  • Edit all content on the website
  • Add new pages
  • Re-organise page structure and navigation
  • Detailed Manual provided
  • 1-1 Training at additional charge
For many clients, our maintenance and support provides them with all the minor ammendments they require to their website. However, some clients prefer a more hands on approach; particularly when their update requirements are more regular or specialist
- see the video above for an introduction.
We can setup a full content management system for you to edit all your content, add new pages and even change the structure of your pages and navigation.
A detailed manual is provided and one to one training is available at an additional charge.
NOTE: Full Content Management is provided as standard with our eCommerce Package and includes all the additional features required to manage an online shop.

Mobile Website

Mobile Friendly Websites (Available in Pay Monthly Packages)

Enterprise email

Dedicated Mobile Sites from £249

Responsive Design or dedicated Mobiles sites available as option under Pay Monthly Packages

Read More on mobile solutions

With over 50% of all internet use on mobile devices and Google promoting mobile friendly websites, it is becoming increasingly important to offer a mobile solution to your internet presence. We offer both dedicated and responsive mobile website solutions. We can advise what is the best solution for your business. The responsive design can be provided on setup of the desktop website or as an enhancement at a later date...Read More

Add additional features for dynamic content / interaction

Image Sliders

Image Slider

£75 Development Cost

  • Dynamic slide show of image to promote products or services
  • Titles and Descriptions for detail and promotion
  • Add links to provide navigation
  • Range of styles and options
  • Displays fully on iOS Apple phones and iPads

Animation Videos

From £100 Development
(based on words and video length)

  • Product Showcase
  • Services Promotions
  • Explainer videos
  • How to and Tutorial videos
  • Infographics
  • Product and Event Launch
Ask how to best captivate your audience with an animated video
Adding video to your website grabs the attention and with an animated video you can quickly have content that adds great value on top of your existing video content.  It can really bring to life your message or provide a really useful resource for your potential or existing clients.
- see the video above for an example.
Combined with our video gallery function below, you can link together a series of videos in a single player.

News and Social Media Feeds

News Feed

£75 Development Cost

  • Automated feed to your website home page to highlight news and social media activity.
  • Source from your own website news or social media posts and Tweets
  • Use thrid party RSS news feeds
  • Styled to match your website branding


Flowing Health - News, Twitter and Flickr feeds
MRA - industry news feed
ActiveFootprint - client website news

Enterprise Email

Enterprise email

£50 Setup Cost *

  • Google 24/7 Business Supported email
  • Keep your domain email e.g.
  • 30GB Storage synchonised across devices
  • Integrates with email clients including special Google Apps Sync for Outlook

Activ provide standard POP3 email accounts for up to 5 emails with 100mb of storage as part of their brochure and online shop website packages (nb £299 package is one email only). This works perfectly well for most clients. However, if you need more sophisticated functionality or enhanced benefits, then we can now provide our enterprise email solution utilising Google Apps for Business...Read More

* Monthly hosting charge per email account from Google applies


NOTE: The above information applies to the services provided by Mark Rouvray at Activ Web Design (Kingston and Wimbledon). Much of the information will be the same for other local Activ advisors but you should check details with any other local advisor in your area.

* except 3 Page Website packages

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