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Top Tips for Blogging

By Mark Rouvray
Saturday, September 1, 2018

Top Tips for Blogging Success

What's all the fuss about blogging? It is important to understand its purpose, your audience and how to promote the content you produce. Knowing what to write about is half the battle.


Why blog at all?

1) it's a great way to engage with your audience and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. If you provide insights, useful information and advice, then they are more likely to become your clients at some stage.

2) it provides valuable additional website content on a regular basis that gets indexed by Google, improving your rankings on search engine results - particularly if it relates to the key marketing terms for your business.

3) it becomes a source of material to be used directly or indirectly in other other forms of online marketing e.g. Emails, social media

What to blog about?

Know your audience:

What are the interests of your typical audience, what are their hassles and gripes, what are the related topics that they would also be interested in.

What are the frequently asked questions that you hear from potential and existing clients?

Think about how to guides, tips, checklists..

Sources for inspiration:

Look at what is trending on social media sites relating to your audience. Search on Google for related topics and checkout what's being discussed on the forums. You can also use the Google Adword keyword planning tool to see what people are searching for - a great source of those FAQs.

Don't forget to ask you clients directly in surveys what would be useful and interesting for them.

Promote your blog posts

  • Your website can highlight your latest post on the home page to bring attention to it
  • Include an intro to it in email marketing news
  • Use social media to post a variety of interesting and varied links to the article over a few days and different times of the day
  • Share with related businesses that would be interested in your content for their publications
  • Re-use content on other sites and forums but make sure it is not exactly the same for best SEO results


Blogging is a great way to use your website to generate interest in your website, engage visitors for longer, and build relationships that lead to business.

Your website is a tool but you need to use it.

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