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Three Reasons Why People Don't Contact you

If you ever check your web statistics then you'll know that people are looking at your site. So it can be frustrating when they don't contact you.

There are three main reasons why they don't make contact:

  • They are not ready to buy or engage your services
  • They don't have enough information yet
  • They don't know or trust you yet

It is generally accepted in marketing that for many services, it requires 7 'customer touches' before you can make a new customer - your website may be one of these, others can come from ads, leaflets, calls etc. In order to address the issues above, you need to be able to increase the contacts with prospective clients. Email marketing is a valuable tool in your online marketing to efficiently and effectively produce more customer contact and address the core issues that stop people contacting you.

Why use email marketing?

Email Marketing can allow you to stay in touch with prospective clients, this:

  • You are in their mind when they are ready to engage your services
  • You can continue to provide useful information that meets their needs and addresses any likely concerns
  • You demonstrate your expertise, show authority and build a relationship that develops trust in you as a potential supplier

Email Marketing is an effective tool because it can:

  • Provide high quality communications direct to recipients
  • Target specific information to those interested through segmenting your contacts
  • Develop and prioritise future communication based on tracking information provided
  • Scheduling tools mean comms arrive at just the right time

It is also highly efficient compared to other forms of communication:

  • The cost per email is minimal compared to traditional letters or brochures
  • Your follow up efforts can be prioritised on those most interested as shown by tracking information
  • Emails can be automated saving a lot of time and effort


How does email marketing work?

In order to be successful with email marketing, you need to gather your list of contacts through your website and in your normal working practices. If people are going to give you their email address then they expect something in return. You'll need to think what your potential customers would value but may also start to build a relationship for the longer term. It could be an introductory offer, a free download guide, eBook or useful tips.

Once people are on your email marketing list, then you need to start addressing the 3 core issues above. Just trying to sell your services will not work - you need to address their main problems and solutions they are looking for. Provide them with useful information that will clarify issues, useful tips to help solve problems and give them information that they would find interesting. You should provide links back to products and services on your site. If you do this regularly over time, people will come back to you when they are ready.

Most email marketing systems charge on a monthly basis on the number of subscribers on your list and potentially your email output too. There are free services available but they may limit your subscribers and won't provide the necessary additional functionality that ensures the benefits above. A full email marketing system will allow:

  • Flexible and Customisable Email Templates to suit any business
  • Dynamic Content to personalise emails
  • Segmentation for improved targeting
  • Autoresponders / Email Triggers for automation
  • Social Media and Sharing to increase exposure
  • Tracking Results to convert more leads

Online marketing is not just about your website, it is about combining a range of tools and techniques to generate new clients and develop more business from your existing clients. Email marketing can be a powerful tool when used in correctly.

Activ offer advanced email marketing systems with our support and advice to get the most from them. We can also develop the systems and processes to support your email marketing and even undertake your email marketing for you. Ask for a free initial consultation to discuss the potential for your business.

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