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Important changes to Google My Business

By Mark Rouvray
Friday, September 13, 2019

Setting up Google My Business

Even if you haven't setup your business on Google My Business, Google may still be displaying information on your business but without your input.

If your business is currently shown and not already been claimed, then Google will display the message "is this your business?" with a link to claim. You will need a gmail address or to create a Google my business ID to do this.

If your business is not currently shown, then you can create one.

Contact Information

Add all your key contact information including opening hours even if you are a service organisation.

Your Location

If you do business at your location then you can add a specific address which will be shown. If not, then you can display a service area from your location.


Add all the relevant service categories from those available from the Google lookup

Business Description

Add a short description about your business which will be introduced on your listing with a More link which expands to the full details.


Add relevant photos for your business that can be accessed through your business listing on Google. This can also include team photos as well as examples of products.


For new listings, you will need to complete the verification process. Google sends a postcard to your business address with a pin number to be entered back into the listing to complete the verification. It can take 2-3 weeks to receive this and you need to look out for it – it can often be discarded as junk.

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Important Changes and New Features in Google My Business

Business Description

Google My Business used to be linked to a Google + account but since this service is no longer available, the business description is now within Google My Business. You will need to add this again into your Google My Business listing as the old one will no longer be displayed.


You can now create a list of your services with a title, description and even price.


You can now make posts in Google My business that will appear directly on your Google My Business listing. These can be simple updates from the business including news/blog posts, events, offers and products. It allows you to create an appropriate button link back to your website for more information


You can now enable messaging on Google My Business which lets potential customers contact you directly through you listing.






Take action ASAP

Whether you have a Google my Business listing or not, then you need to take action to create or update your listing. It is one of the most important free promotional tools you have for your business and you should make the most of it.

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