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Have you got 2020 Vision?

By Mark Rouvray
Monday, December 9, 2019

Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results is madness.

So what could you be doing differently next year to improve the marketing of your business?


What went well in 2019? Is this something you can build on and improve further perhaps.

What didn’t go well? What issues are you experiencing that need to be addressed in 2020.

Take stock of what forms of marketing you currently have and how they are working together to get the results you need. Ultimately, your website is the core of your marketing – the one thing you own and can manage with our support. You need to get people looking at your website.


What marketing processes do you have in place?


Paid adverts

Ad advert online or in a print format should attract attention and create enough interest for someone to go to your website. Is the advert being seen by the right people for your services and will it attract the attention of those looking in it’s current format/position?

The website should provide all the detail and build on what your advert offered. Add an offer or incentive to the advert which is fulfilled through a specific landing page on the website. This keep the add short to attract attention and allows the website to build on their interest and convert that interest into a contact (see Web design that ticks all the boxes)

Online directories

If you pay for a listing in a professional association or trade directory e.g. checkatrade then their main purpose is help you be found for related searches. Does the directory appear high in the search rankings for your targeted phrases? Can your business be easily found when people review the results? Are you linking back to your website?

You need people to move from the directory to your website. The standard format of directories means that all businesses look similar; it is only their websites that can look different. Whilst potential clients are on a directory then they are looking at you and all your competition.

Online Search

To be found online for related searches you need to appear on the first page of Google either through the paid adverts (pay per click) or through the natural search rankings. That means being in the top 10 out of 000’s of competitor websites. Without paid ads or SEO promotion, this is likely to be difficult in many cases. If you are relying on this, then you need to keep an eye on where you rank for specific searches. We can help you with this and offer promotional services to improve this.

Social Media Promotion

Building an audience interested in what you do on social media can be extremely useful. It helps to add further validation of your business credentials. However, most social media platforms are now driven by ad content promotion. If you are not using paid promotion campaigns then a lot of your content will not be seen by potential clients.


You may want to look at new processes in 2020 or ensure that the current processes are complete – this may mean extending your website or changing content to be in line with your promotions.

Updated/New Products or Services

It is always worth keeping in touch with the competition. Anyone who can be found by a potential client looking for the benefits/solutions you offer is competition. What exactly do they offer and how is this presented? Do you need to make changes and adapt to ensure it is you they choose?

Is there something new that you can offer or is there something unique to what you do that could enhance your offering in 2020? Perhaps your site needs updating or expanding for this.


Conversion of potential leads?

How good is your conversion of leads into actual business? Could this be improved?

Two areas to look at are your admin and sales processes:


Do you answer all enquiries promptly and follow up as required. Do you get quotes out on time and respond to queries efficiently. People tend not to give new companies very long before they will go to someone else.


How do you follow up an enquiry? Do you have the right information to hand e.g. brochure, website content. What could you do differently that might improve the conversion of these potential clients. If your sales process is likely to be quite long, then how do you make sure you capture potential client details and follow up over time. Marketing is designed to generate the interest but it is your sales process that acquires the clients.



The year end is always a time to reflect on what has gone well and what you might do better. Start planning now for changes in 2020 and please do call us in the new year to discuss your thoughts and see how we can help.


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