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Get £150 or more for recommending Activ to
friends or colleagues


Why not let us help someone you may know to market their business online - simply, affordably and professionally. They'll get a £50 credit just beacuse you recommended them.

  • £25 in vouchers for every new client (Amazon, John Lewis or Apple)
  • PLUS a Bonus of £75 in vouchers for 3 or more new clients within a year


  • You can have the benefit in a credit\discount for selected Activ products and services - and we'll then DOUBLE the VALUE.


  • The person you recommend will also get a £50 discount off selected products and services
Recommend Us
Make a referral NOW

See Terms and Conditions

How does it work?

To recommend us, simply do one of the following:

  • Register their details online - CLICK TO REGISTER
  • Just email or call us with their contact details
  • Pass on our referral card (just ask for some cards)
  • Email the following link about their discount with us


We'll let you know how we get on and once they become a client, we'll be in touch to discuss what reward you would like.

Please make sure that the person is happy to receive a call from us before passing on their details.

Who do you know that can benefit from Activ?

  • A friend or relative starting a business
  • Your local trademan who hasn't got a website yet
  • A supplier or existing client who needs to a professional website

Make a referral NOW

Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer only refers to Activ Web Design (Kingston)
  2. Clients should be new to Activ Web Design and not existing contacts
  3. New client must have signed an order form and paid the required deposit
  4. Choice of vouchers from either John Lewis, Amazon or Apple - cash equivalent is not available.
  5. Credit option will be double the value of the voucher reward.
  6. Credits\Discounts for existing and new clients applies to selected products and services on signup:
    • SEO Packages excluding Engergiser Package
    • Advanced Email Marketing
    • Content Creation
  7. New clients are those taking selected products and services:
    • Comprehensive or eCommerce Website Packages
    • SEO Packages excluding Energiser Package
    • Advanced Email Marketing
  8. To qualify for the bonus of £75, all clients should be signed up within a period of 1 year.